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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 30, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that breaking news is out of maine. a nurse just back from west africa defies a volunteer quarantine and takes a bike ride. news 4 live desk. >> that bike ride lasted about an hour. she said she woke up and she wanted to go for a ride and she did. so defying that quarantine. state police followed her t detain her becausee ride. s they don't have a court order. state officials want that court order to enforce a 21-day quarantine which would mean hickox would be confined to her
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home. she was in sierra leone working with doctors without borders. when she arrived back to the u.s., now hickox says she is not a risk to the public. she doesn't have any symptoms of ebola. she tested negative for ebola. she believes being forced into quarantine would violate her civil rights. >> there's no legal action against me so i'm free to go on a bike ride in my hometown. >> what is the s court order? >> i don't know. >> the issue with that court order is a judge would have to determine that hickox poses an immediate public health risk in order to issue that order. we'll be watching today to see what happens at court regarding this. as you can see, hickox now back home. that's the latest here from the live desk. barbara. >> all right, thank you so much. the man in charge of the government's response to the ebola crisis in atlanta is in atlanta today. ron klain will get an update at the centers for disease contro some have criticized klain for
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keeping a low profile since he was appointed ebola czar a few weeks ago. the white house says klain has been running intensive coordination between federal agencies. right now, police are trying to figure out who killed a man in northwest washington. the man was found stabbed in the street on perry place not too far from 14th street. police say they have no motive and nobody is in custody. they believe the man was stabbed while he was walking down the street around 7:15 last night. this morning, they're still not releasing the victim's name. a similar murder happened just three weeks ago, just one block south of perry place. 35-year-old kenneth young was found stabbed to death. police arrested a man for that stabbing last week. and right now, did you see the d.c. council is figuring out how to legalize marijuana. it would make marijuana legal for anyone 21 and over. vendors would neat need to get a
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license. voters would have to vote yes or no on a ballot measure on election day next week. we are starting to see some peaks of sunshine out there. >> when i woke up at 1:00 this morning and looked out, there was quite a bit of fog around. but by dawn a lot of that fog had pretty much dissipated. sky has cleared out. now a bit of a breeze. live view from the storm team 4 capital camera now looking at union station. beautiful blue sky. lots of sunshine. winds out of the northwest. and there's the jefferson memorial. the capital under this blue sky. chilly mornings and cool afternoons for the next couple of days. then, a big storm coming in right along the coast over the weekend. that's going to be affecting our weather coming up on saturday. and temperatures right now in
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the suburbs in prince georges county, now the mid-50s. it's in the mid and upper 50s across fairfax county, alexandria and arlington. much of montgomery cou is hovering around 50 degrees. look at that big change afor th weekend. that's coming up this morning. barbara. >> all right, tom, thank you. water main breaks can cause lots of headaches. today agencies in our area are letting you know how they plan to deal with the surge of water main breaks this winter. news 4's megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: no doubt about it, water main breaks can be really disruptive. take a look at this pipe. this was t water main that broke in beltsville along route 1. you can see the long crack that runs down the length of it. as we head into the winter, the crews are expecting to see a whole lot more of this.
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clamping off a section of broken pipe. he is just demonstrating how it's done. pretty soon, he'll be doing it for real. what are you expecting here in the next couple of weeks? >> a lot of breaks. a lot of breaks. it's supposed to be a cold wenter this year. so there's supposed to be a lot of breaks. >> water main break season is just around the corner. wssc is gearing up. cold weather and the temperature of the potomac river can spell trouble. >> our pipes get shocked with that really cold water and the ones that are old are going to tend to break. have 1,700 water main breaks a year. >> last year, there was a lot of trouble. during the polar vortex in january, there were 595 water main breaks and leaks. that's more than one-third of the breaks from the entire year in just a short period of time. only mother nature knows what this winter holds. wssc says they're ready. >> we start in the spring, looking at what we've used
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during the past winter and what things we're going to need during the coming year. >> if you see a water main break, it's important to report it. there is no alarm system that sounds when a pipe bursts. wssc won't know about it until someone gives them a heads up. there's a phone app that makes it easy. >> snap a picture of it and the do coordinates automatically come picture. through the app it comes to our dispatch center and we see it, we know where it is and we can send an inspector out. >> you can see all of the pipes they have, different shapes, different sizes. so they're ready to go when these pipes start bursting. that app is kind of cool. weep got a link to it on our website. you can go to reporting live, mcen mcgrath, news 4. >> we just learned when the 2015 national cherry blossom festival is going to start. the festival will kick off on friday march 20th and last
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through sunday april 12th. the parade is set for april 11th. new reports this morning that singer chris brown is paying off. why his d.c. trouble could finally be over. plus, the results of an i-team investigation into why taxpayers are paying for starbucks for employees of the u.s. department of homeland security. and a petition drive happening right now to get victoria's secret to change its new ad campaign. campaign. we'll tell you about that too.
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we've been monitoring the developments from wallops island, virginia. nasa says it's assessing the damage done by tuesday night's crash. meanwhile, orbital sciences says it doesn't know the cause of the crash but several experts say the problem could lie with those rockets that were from the soviet era. they were engines from the soviet era. after a rough day yesterday, orbital stocks are up in early trading today. nasa says it should be a week before they're ready to say anything about the cause of that explosion. right now, they're sending in ground crews to examine the launch site. they say the launch pad was not damaged as badly as they first thought. it should be back up and runnin. breaking news in kansas. let's go to news 4's richard jordan at the live desk.
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>> there's been a plane crash in wichita, kansas. a plane crashed into a building at the airport there. these are live pictures from a distance. you can see the dark smoke going up into the air. the first report is that there is at least one injury there on the ground. a person who is in critical condition. this is at mid-continent airport in wichita. emergency crews are just making their way to the scene right now. so once they arrive, we can get a better assessment of exactly what the situation is. but you can see there, all the dark smoke coming from that airport. mid-continent airport in wichita, kansas. a plane has crashed into a building there. we'll be watching these live pictures. we'll stay on top for now, that's the latest from the live desk. chris brown settled his civil lawsuit with a man here in the district. back in september, you'll remember, the singer pled guilty to simple assault for punching the man in the face outside a d.c. hotel last year. according to tmz, brown agreed to pay around $100,000 to settle
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that civil case. crash test dummies like the ones you see here changing what the having to change because we've got a growing problem in the u.s. plus, apple ceo tim cook says he is proud to be gay. why he decided to open up about his personal life no >> i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom cheer nine. a look at how
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right now, lots of you are talking about apple ceo tim cook and his announcement that he is gay. the story is trending right now on twitter and our facebook page. cook is the first openly gay ceo of a fortune 3500 company. he wrote an op-ed for bloomberg business week where he says if hearing that the ceo is gay can help someone struggling, then it's worth the tradeoff with my own privacy. your tax dollars are buying lots of coffee for government workers it seems. the news 4 i-team discovered some employees of the u.s. department of homeland security
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swiped their taxpayer funded cards for about $30,000 in purchases at starbucks. this happened at locations all across our area. more than $10,000 in purchases were also made at starbucks in california. scott reports those are just small fraction of just $20 billion in so-called government micro purchases each year. small purchases that federal agencies do not need to disclose. >> when you have $10,000 being spent at one starbucks by dhs employees in one city in six months, someone's abusing the purchasing permission we have given them. >> scott mcfarland's investigation reveals why the government is able to conceal its credit cd purchases and what the depar had to say when before congress to answer questions about our st well, america's waste lines are expanding.
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that means those crash test dummies need to have changes as well. the company developed a new bigger model. the old dummies only weighed 167 pounds. there was a push to change the crash test dummies after research revealed obese people were 78% more likely to die in a crash. experts say seat belts, air bags and other safety features are also designed for much thinner people and may have to be adjusted for newer cars. we are following the countdown to election day for you now. today, we have a news 4 crew in college park. where hillary clinton will be at a rally for anthony brown. brown is the democratic candidate for governor. you can go to the rally. it's happening at richie coliseum at the university of maryland at 2:45 this afternoon. brown's rival larry hog season also bringing in a big name again. new jersey governor christie. this will be the fourth campaign stop for them together.
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we showed you when they appeared together in bethesda last week. they also campaigned in the baltimore area on tuesday. in west virginia, a republican woman may make history on election day. for more on that, we're joined by mark murray, nbc's political editor. we're talking about shelly more cap tow. she could be the first woman elected to the senate in west virginia. making news because she's a republican in that state. tell us why. >> you know, barbara, that's very big news. she's the big favorite in this contest. note a republican has not been a united states senator since the 1950s. we started seeing it break away from the democrats to the republicans beginning the 2000 presidential election where they went for bush instead of gore. since then, in presidential candidates, republicans have been making other gains in the state. still has democratic figures. manchin, the governor, is a
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democrat. but because of culture wars, race is also a factor, west virginia is becoming more and more of a republican sta now, d driving force might be in that state, from democrat to republican? >> i think it has to do with a lot of the culture wars. race is certainly a component. west virginia was your archetype a new deal type of democrat type of state. with people who work in the coal mines, strong organized labor. organized labor's decline has had an impact there. you're seeing it go a little bit more to republicans. it's important to point out there are democrats who can win there. >> governor christ lost his cool yesterday. let's have a listen to what he said. >> you want to have the conversation later, i'm happy to have it, buddy. but until that time, sit down and shut up. >> what was he so upset about there? >> that was an event marking the two-year anniversary of
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hurricane sandy. a protester saying not enough money has been spent to help people who lost homes. this is quintessential christie. someone who's brash, combative. what really thrust him in the national spotlight -- >> is that going to help him -- >> you know, barbara, context matters. and after the bridge gate scandal, after he ended up getting into a clash with that nurse who's now currently in maine, after budget downgrades in his own state, i'm not sure that wears as well. particularly when you move away from new jersey where people, hey, like to get in your face a little bit when it comes to politics or just normal interactions. to places like iowa and new hampshire if he decides to run for the presidency. >> thank you so much, we'll continue to watch what happens there. for more from the nbc news political team, check out first read on if you're looking to save money on holiday shopping, you might head to an outlet mall. but how do outlet stores stack up to retail stores when it comes to price and quality?
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new this morning, consumer reporter erica gonzalez joins us with a preview of tonight's story. >> outlet malls. consumer reports rated dozens for value and quality and can help you bag the best bargains. shoppers surveyed by consumer reports found superior value at these stores. haggar, oshkosh b'gosh, izod and ll bean. be aware, not everything is choop although this dinnerware set is identical to the one at the retail store, it actually costs more at the outlet. same with this pot and pan set. by the way, many items sold in outlet stores are made especially for the outlets. we're going to have a comparison of some products, retail versus outlet stores, tonight. tune in on news 4 for the full story. >> we reached out to world kitchen which makes corel and revere ware products to ask why
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the prices differ. it declined to comment. we're following some breaking news. a plane crash into a building in wichita, kansas. smoke continues to pour out of that building. we'll bring you the latest from the live desk. and an ugly end to a great night for san francisco giant fans. and damage done by people
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we all know washington's broken. but to fix it, it takes people who are independent.. and willing to work across the aisle. that's what i've tried to do in business, as your governor... and in the senate. because it's the only way we're gonna solve big problems... like cutting our national debt, fixing the va, or... bringing good jobs to virginia. it's been a great honor to represent you. and if you rehire me, i'll work everyday... to make virginia even stronger.
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this morning, at least two
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people were shot as giants fans celebrated a victory. shortly after the victory over the royals, fans started bonfires in the streets. say they made several arrests overnight. the two people who were shot are both expected to be okay. this is the giant's third championship in five seasons. take a look at the cover of the san francisco chronicle. it says dynasty with a picture of bum gardner. he was named the most valuable player. victoria secret is under fire for a new ad that seems to identify the perfect body. the lingerie company recently put out this ad to promote its new line of pup bras. the image is causing controversy though because of the headline the perfect body. critics say the company is perpetuating unhealthy and unattainable body image standards. many are calling for victoria's secret to remove the ad and issue an apologize.
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just in time for winter, some people are paying more to heat their homes. and not quite winter conditions but it's going to be a chilly weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is back with a look at your forecast. and the danger residents are facing
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a plane crash in wichita
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kansas at the airport there. the faa just confirming the plane involved is a twin engine beach craft. apparently the pilot lost power in one engine. and crashed just after takeoff. at mid-continent airport. the early report is that one person, at least one person, killed in critical condition. you can see how thick and dark the smoke was immediately after the crash. firefighters have been able to get that fire under control. most of the smoke has pretty muchd at this point. these are live pictures from the ground. we're hearing from the nbc affiliate there in wichita that there are ten people, ten people, unaccounted for, believed to be some of the people that work inside that building. we don't know what their condition is at this point. they may have been able to run and get to safety but at this point firefighters and police still trying to account for everyone. they say there are ten people who are unaccounted for and we
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have arey there. again, the report of wichita this morning is that there's been a plane crash there into a building. apparently the pilot lost power in one engine and crashed just after takeover. we're staying on top of it here at the live desk. barbara. >> all right, thank you. right now, lava from hawaii's kilauea volcano is about 100 feet from homes on the big island. it has burned a garden shed, some tires and metal scrap. about 80 members of the national guard are on hand to help manage roadblocks and traffic as this lava approaches. the lava is moving about 15 feet an hour. chemists are constantly monitoring the air to make sure it's safe to breathe. they say they've detected only low levels of sulfur dioxide. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us. >> can you imagine looking across and seeing that in your lawn?
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incredible. here, we just have cold breezes coming in from the north and west. quite a chill in the air this morning. only in the 30s. still hasn't warmed up very much, even with that bright sun pouring down. live view from the city camera. 57 now at reagan national. dew point very dry. just at 38. gusting to around 20 miles an hour. you ready for your halloween forecast, trick or treaters tomorrow evening should be treated to some good weather. just some clouds coming through. by 5:00 p.m. for the younger ones who will be out trick or treating, it will be around 60 degrees. then rather chilly by 7:00. and in the mid-50s. just a few clouds coming in. most of the trick or treating should be done by then. so the rain is going to be holding off. we had the rain yesterday. look at the autumn fol foliage.
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some beautiful autumn colors, really look quite nice now. this is taken at montros park in georgetown just a couple days ago. beautiful park there. autumn color there. you can post your pics on twitter and facebook. when you're out taking your photos, you can keep up with the weather with the storm team 4 weather app. temperatures right now are hovering in the low to mid-50s outside of washington. and right by the bay. most locates quite a bit of sunshine. just a few clouds to our south. the rest of the afternoon, the metro area, only in the mid and upper 50s elsewhere. quite a bit of sunshine, just some high clouds coming through. shenandoah valley in the mountains. around the bay, should be in the low 60s. easton down to pax river. further west in the upper 50s. arlington, loudoun, into much of
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maryland as well. tomorrow, near 40s, afternoon highs near 60. then a coastal storm gets going on saturday. the winds will likely be increasing and we could have winds at 30 miles an hour. showers and strong gusty winds. highs reaching the low 50s. the wind settled down with some sunshine and breezes and temperatures around 50. as we get into next week, mild trend on monday and tuesday. looks like temperatures back up into the 60s by then. so good weather for election day. which is next tuesday. we'll have highs in the 60s with some sunshine. maybe a shower coming in on wednesday. even though it's not quite halloween, we have to talk to you about snow. mont gomry county is laying out its snow plan. news 4 molette green is live in
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rockville with the annual snow summit. >> good morning. the snow summit just ended, was packed with people from every agency in the county that deals with snow removal. the star attraction, not the shiny plow truck behind me but new technology in the form of a road weather information system. now, road crews will get a jump start using this system on bad weather days. thanks to four new high-tech sensors placed throughout the county at a cost of $25,000 a pop. now, it is plan is to use this system to get those plow trucks to problem spots before they become treacherous. and just a short while ago, i had a chance to speak to the head of highway services. >> measure the pavement temperature, the relative humidity, the dew point and something known as the grip factor. these four pieces of information help us determine in the system itself when these elements may
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conspire to form any sort of ice. >> how it will work, the system is set up to send text messages back to highway services when conditions start to become ripe for ice or black ice, stuff we don't want to deal with on the roads. compton said not only is this going to make us all safer on the roads, it will save money because using brine, for example, to treat early on is much cheaper than using salt. the county tested out this system last year using only one sensor and they say this is the way to go this winter. i'm molette green, live in rockville, at the gaithersburg depot, back to you. your bge bill is about to go up according to "the baltimore su sun". on your electric bill, you'll be paying almost $7 more because of the new distribution charges. the rate increase come also after bge reached a new deal
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with state regulatory staff. the hike is just a third of what bge original requested. and we are working to find out the condition of 20 students at the university of maryland who have viral meningitis. we're told the number spiked from just one case nine days ago. health officials tell us the students are expected to recover. if you work there or your child goes to school there or you -- your child goes there, washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself. health experts say viral meningitis is the least dangerous form of the illness. the city's longest serving mayor has died. we'll bring you the latest from the live desk. plus, he's known for his funk and he's now sharing the secrets of that funk in his new book. george clinton is here in our studio with a look at his new memoir. stay with us. on gun safety, larry hogan isn't being straight. after filling out their questionaire, hogan was awarded an a- from the nra. but now he refuses to release his
11:37 am
responses. the nra opposes comprehensive background checks. they want to weaken maryland's gun safety laws. even support letting suspects on the fbi terror watch list buy guns. on gun safety and terror, the nra is wrong. hogan gets an a- from the nra. on protecting maryland, we just can't trust him.
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it may be a little early to start thinking about your christmas tree. the evergreen is already on its way to d.c. the 88-foot tall white spruce was cut down in minnesota's chippewa national forest yesterday. a 100-foot trailer is going to bring it for the 2,000 mile journey here to washington. the tree will make 30 stops on its way here. the lighting is set for december 2nd.
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you recognize it i wet. bet. that's george clinton inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1997. he join us with a look back at his colorful career and new book. welcome. i'm trying to read the title of your new book. it's "brothers w like yo george ain't that hard on you." you tell me what does it say. that's pretty funky. >> when i get started -- >> this is a book that tells a whole lot about your life. wonderful story. >> all of the crazy things and parties and music, things that we've done. . >> it kind of follows you from your start in the barber shop.
11:41 am
>> in 1957. >> and then becoming one of the greatest stars in pop music ever. >> kicking it. the book got five songs on it from my newest album. just bleep the book cover and you get the songs on your phone. >> i was trying to remember some of the songs i remember as a disc jockey many years ago playing on the radio. you've written 40, 50 songs? >> knee deep, one nation, chocolate city. >> oh, yeah. >> brothers be like george. ♪ funky hard on you >> we have go go music here made popular by chuckbrown. you've played with him -- >> we've played -- both groups played together in the early
11:42 am
'60s. i just want to testify. when we came out later on, we start with the shows. >> what is the difference between funk and his music? >> go go isunky. >> the genres kind of get mixed up. >> he was coming from another place with groove. >> at one time, you were writing for motown. >> jackson five, supremes, i'm into something, i can't shake it loose. >> where did you get this talent? >> i don't know. this was happening, you know, in the '50s doo wop. we used to come to washington. that was the thing. >> what are you going to do next? going to go around and talk -- >> yeah, like on page 379, that's the reason i wrote the book, it's all about recapturing my copyrights that has been stolen -- i mean from the band
11:43 am
and myself by record companies. 379 -- >> good luck with that. what happened to your dreads? >> i sold them on ebay. >> it's so great to meet you, george clinton, we have a lot of folks who want to say hi to you on your way out. thank you so much. thank you. he's got a book signing coming . that's this saturday. mlk library. george clinton is going to be there to say hi to you and talk a little fun up, a civil war museum in our area is introducing a new exhibit that could scare you away. a new study suggests sleep problems could be the reason you forgot where you parked your car. we'll explain, plus give you the keys to a restful night sleep. >> they're so nervous to invite me over for continue they're it rarely happens. >> and coming up, the famous
11:44 am
chef will tell meredith what his favorite thing.
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i'm richard jordan at the live desk. some sad news out of boston. former mayor tom menino has died. the longest serving mayor in that city. in february, he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. just last week, he decide to stop chemotherapy treatments. we're told he was surrounded by his wife, family and close friends when he passed at 9:00 this morning.
11:47 am
he was 71 years old. he will certainly be remembered for his leadership, especially following the boston marathon bombings. barbara, back to you. >> thank you. today, a creepy science project could tell us more about the civil war. scientists released their findings about a severed human arm. they say came from a civil war battlefield. the scientists are at the museum of civil warfrederick. they say the arm may have been torn off a soldier's body in battle. the arm is in a halloween themed exit at the museum today. a local woman is turning her painful battle with breast dance near something positive. she's invented a bra for women who have had breast reconstruction. news 4 has that. >> she lost her mother to breast cancer and 30 years later, after a battle of her own, she found herself wanting to help others. now, this is a brags bra. it's for women who have had to undergo breast reconstruction
11:48 am
with implants. the difference between this and a mastectomy bra, it has a padded area to help ma. she had a preventive double mastectomy. once the women were healed, they say all they craved was normalcy. an idea wasd discovered they couldn't wear their old bras anymore. >> when we chose breast reconstruction, we thought we'd be able to wear a regular bra. the insert it built into the middle panel to fill out the apex and provide coverage for the reconstructed nipple. >> i'll have more on their story tonight on news 4 at 11:00. a lack of quality sleep could affect your memory. researcher at nyu found that people who suffered from sleep apnea during rem sleep had impaired spacial memory. the kind of memory to remember where you left an item in your
11:49 am
house. psychiatrist dr. joshua weiner expl just how important a good night sleep can be. >> the impact of sleep deprivation on your mental health cannot be overstated. adults should get eight hours and kids need more. elementary aged kids need about 11 hours. even mild sleep deprivatio can lead to irritability and anxiety. i strongly suggest you take a close look at your sleep habits. >> dr. weiner says you can improve your sleep by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. keep your bedroom dark and cool. the ideal temperature is 65 degrees. he says avoid alcohol. it will help you fall asleep better. but if it impairs the quality of your sleep, you don't want to have any, especially before you go to bed. at 17, many teenagers think they're too grown up to listen to what their parents have to say. but they should say there are
11:50 am
many teenagers who wish they had parents who cared about them. this week's wednesday's child is wishing he'll be adopted and have a mom or dad or both. meet jeremiah. so i hear you're interested in french cooking. >> yes, ma'am. >> jeremiah's interest brought us here to d.c.'s georgetown neighborhood. >> hi, nice to meet you. >> they welcomed jeremiah and suggested he meet their brother, omar, to have a look at what's going on in the kitchen. apples were being sliced. and macaroons of every flavor had emerged from the oven. jeremiah, a senior in high school this ye he'd like to learn french cooking just for fun. >> i want to, you know, go to college. i'm looking at bcu, major in business. >> he is fabulous. he's bright. he is very polite and outgoing. >> leads the pack. >> the chef gave jeremiah a
11:51 am
lesson in crepe making. with just one failed attempt, the second was a charm. >> just flip it. i feel great. it didn't break this time. >> so can you tell me a little bit about the family you think you'd like? >> i think energetic parents. you know, if they are concerned, they show concern and, you know, just support me. >> jeremiah is ready to learn ng.rythi and wants the warmth and love of a family that will encourage him to reach all of his goals in life. >> i've had a wonderful time at your restaurant, thank you very much. >> hopefully we'll see you soon again. >> all right. >> if you have room in your home and your heart for jeremiah or another child who's waiting, please call our special adoption hot line. the number's 188-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child at coming up, halloween fun for your weekend. plus, we're going to tell you what to expect weatherwise as
11:52 am
people make plans for trick or treating and the weekend. stay w.
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she did as a legislator, doors, hoping yobarbara comstocke. pushed bills benefiting her special interest client, then failed to disclose she was paid thousands by that same client, failed to disclose 85,000 in extra compensation. the washington post called comstock's behavior "an apparent breach of congressional ethics." we just can't trust barbara comstock. patriot majority usa is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i'm richard jordan at the live desk. new information just coming in at the plane crash at the wichita airport in kansas. the faa saying the pilot of the twin engine beach craft seen here lost power in one engine just after takeoff, then tried to return to the runway. that is when the plane crashed into the building. these pictures taken there from
11:55 am
the scene. you can see that heavy smoke. despite the crash, operation, at the airport are still going on as normal. we'll be following this here throughout the day. barbara. >> all right, thank you. another developing story. we'll be watching throughout the day here on nbc 4. that nurse who vowed to define maine's vol e fo here on her promise. going on a bike ride this morning. officials in maine are trying to get a judge to force her to finish out the 21-day quarantine. halloween is tomorrow and there's lots to do tomorrow for both kids and adults. now, some highlights for us. we can expect people, as they always do, to flock to georgetown tomorrow night. but the weekend section of the post has some other ideas. let's start with the good horror film you say is playing. >> the freer gallery, an asian art gallery on the mall, is
11:56 am
having a really cool event called fear at the freer. i think it's a fantastic date night. a night when you can get there at 5:00 p.m. they'll have a food truck. they'll have all kinds of things like mask making. and the night will culminate in the screening of a horror movie, "ringo." it came out in japan. the inspiration for "the ring." it's darker than "the ring." if you've got a passion for horror movies. >> you need tickets for this? >> it's completely free, really fun event tomorrow night. >> tell us what is graveyards. >> celebrating not halloween but day of the dead. that's going to be on saturday. at the yards park in southeast on the waterfront. it's really cool because they're going to have mariucci, fortune tellers, lots of free things to do. they're also going to have a beer garden that's cure yated by blue jacket breweries. >> finally something for kids. >> if you've got kids that are
11:57 am
over the age of 8 rj, wheaton regional park is having a scary train ride on friday night and saturday night. a tra ride that goes right through a haunted forest. there will be serial killers, all kinds of things jumping out. definitely just older kids. >> if you've got younger kid, you might want to take them to cabin john regional park. the events start earlier in the day. >> thank you so much, lavania. for more idea, log on to or the going out guide at and let's go to tom, find out about our weather. looking good for tomorrow night? >> yeah, looks like good trick or treating weather. we'll stay dry. to near 60s. so rather cool day with lots of sunshine, bit of a breeze around. then tomorrow, high near 60. good weather for trick or treating on friday evening. clouds in the 50s. then wind and rain on saturday
11:58 am
with highs low to mid-50s. after that, sun back on sunday with a high around 50. still a little bit blustery. warming as we get into next week. looks like good weather for voting on election day, tuesday, sunshine, highs upper 60s. okay, tom, thank you. that's news 4 midday for this thursday. we thank you for being with us. we invite you to tune in for news at 4:00, 5:00 and we'll be back tomorrow with news 4 midday. have a gre.
11:59 am
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>> lucas: oh. hey, mom. sami. >> sami: hey. >> lucas: what are you doing-- selling your soul? >> sami: [laughs] no, for once, i'm actually saving it. um, allie's out in the garden. >> lucas: oh, good. thanks. >> sami: okay. >> kate: so... that's it? >> sami: yeah. you are the sole ceo of dimera enterprises... if you can hold on to it. >> kate: you want to bet against me? >> sami: not on my life. how soon after i pull out of the driveway are you gonna tear that thing down and put up one of you alone? >> kate: i don't know. this one's kind of grown on me.


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